Space Empires: Galaxies uses multiplayer PBW games to develop substantiated roleplays based on game events and the interactions of the players. Roleplaying, not winning the game, is the primary objective. As such, completely annihilating an empire or reducing it to rubble, is generally contrary to the roleplay aims. It would be considered unfortunate if the game came to an end since it's intended to continually generate new roleplays and stories for as long as possible.

The game host can never be a player in the game. They will have no vested interest in any decisions that might arise, and serve as a neutral party. All players are required to provide their passwords to the host to ensure that all the empires comply with rules, before the game starts and during play. The game host reserves the right to refuse any empire file that does not comply with the guidelines. The host also reserves the right to remove any players found to be in violation of the game rules.
Game turns will be automatically processed no longer than once per week to provide ample time for roleplaying. The game will not use the PBW forum since it is limited in available features. The official roleplaying forums are located here: SE: Galaxies Forums.
The PBW uses the official Galaxies mod, which can be downloaded here:
(link goes here).

The mod is based off Suicide Junkies Pirates and Nomads mod but with a number of alterations, including improvements to intelligence and colonization.

Each galaxy represent by a PBW game has no connection to any other galaxies, so roleplays in the game cannot be connected to roleplays in additional SE: Galaxies games or other PBW games. In additional, all SE: Galaxies are contained in a single universe/dimension, so that means no roleplaying about strange dimensions and alternate universes.
All races and empires must be unique and original. This means no sci-fi canon empires, human/terran empires, etc. Your race can be influenced or inspired by the aforementioned races/empires, but not direct copies of them. If you are unsure if your empire is appropriate, please contact the game host.  The stock races (minus those pesky Terrans) are acceptable. No duplicate ship sets are allowed to avoid any potential confusion. All players should be sure to select a ship set from the PBW list when uploading their empire file to the PBW site. If a stock ship set is being used, please be sure it's indicated by selecting from the list as well.
When setting up and adding descriptions for your empire file, please keep the following items in mind:
  • Your race may originate from another galaxy - but should no longer has contact with the original empire and should be in a weakened or reduced state appropriate to the starting conditions of the game.
  • Reasonable explanations for extra-galactic races might be possibilities like displace/generational colony ships, one-time warp point/wormhole, galaxy wide disaster, etc.
  • Temporal technology is a valid option in the game, but please avoid wide-scale time travel scenarios and similar events.
  • Any religious beliefs are fine.
  • Feel free to use your empire file in multiple Space Empires: Galaxies game - but remember there are no connections between each game galaxy.
All players should fill in all roleplay elements of their empire, such as Biology/Society/History descriptions. Make sure your empire files contain all this information, and be sure to send them to Captain Kwok, so he can make an empire page for your race on the official SE: Galaxies game website.
Please be aware that surrender is not allowed. This includes gifting all of your planets, ships, etc. to another empire, which is considered an attempt to subvert this rule. Pre-arranged alliances are also not allowed. A pre-arrange alliance can quickly sour the experience for the other players involved in the game so please don't do it. There will be plenty of opportunities within the game to form partnerships and alliances.
Finally, be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself. That's what it's all about!

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